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So appearantly less is more; hence Sson003. A no-bullshit BMX cruiser that will keep on running throughout all your biking needs. Delivered with a set of stickers and a frame free from prints, making it possible for each Sson003 to look different from the next.

The 003 comes in two versions at the moment:
003a (Coasterbrake)
(Shimano 3speed), sold out 2010.
but whichever you choose, Sson003 is a low budget cruiser running and looking like a million bucks


Some busy guys in Gothen(la)burg

2011-02-07 14:01

They bought some bikes and got into it. Any progress will be displayed here and we think they are on to something. Glad somebody is doing stuff, not just the old talking... Keep it up!

Gunilla is going north

2009-08-20 14:49

A theme that we can relate to. Since all people we know are big fans of iglooism and wish they were inuit by birth this might just be the most representive Sson stickerkit of all times. It's just a scetch but we like where she's going...

Yes we have new stickers

2009-07-02 21:32

Or rather, we will have. Soon... After this summer when are done swimming, sleeping late, cooking food over open fire or just doing what we seldon do the other 48weeks of the year -nothing! But here is a peek from the creators of the official Vol.3 stickerkit. Parra is doing what he does best, Gunilla Hagstrom/VOL is already dreaming of winter and the north pole. Random Bastards are just very random. Bastards! But very good at it.

Sleep is for loosers

2009-03-20 04:38

Can't figure out why I haven't been able get more then 4h sleep a night since I left Stockholm. Something is up... Took a nightly walk, again. Entered a familiar fastfood pit but learned that meatrelated products are not served at after 02.00!? The spicy chicken was spicy alright. I really really like Taipei and will be back for more.

All I ever wanted plus more

2009-03-19 22:24

This is the best show I've been to so far. Better the Vegas, better then Bayern. Better then Elmia... The silver Rasco cranks will follow me back to Sweden. Same thing with Velo grips and saddle, but without the retrolooking silver rods, maybee. Soo many brands with soo many cool looking 20inch urban bicycles makes me wanna hurry up with the 025. Even the food was good and that was a new show experience.

Hello China

2009-03-18 23:47

But that header was a bit misleading. To visit Taipei is not like visiting China. That´s what people tell me who know stuff. I love this city and I guess it's kind of like Tokyo but not really. I dunno, this is not a travelblog. I went here to scout parts for future Ssonbikes, especially the 028 that is coming together nicely back home. Two days at the show will probably do the trick.

I took a walk in the area surrounding the hotel (I can recomend Ceasar Palace if you get a good deal), got a sandwich, asked for directions from a cute girl with a hot fixie, behaved like the tourist I am and took loads of pics. Here's a few.

See you soon

2009-03-17 21:14

Good bye Cambodja, good bye Vietnam. See you next year. Take care. Now Im off to Taipei and the annual Taipei Bicycle show. Follow me to Sson 028.

Saigon by night

2009-03-17 03:28

Since I spent my days looking at bicycles I didn't get the chance to take any of the scenic tours around town. There is a lot to see in Saigon, alot of warrelated stuff but also temples and trips into the Mekongdelta. I took my own tours at night and there was still alot to see just by walking around. Since this is not meant to be a travelsite I will keep it short but I do recommend Vietnam and Saigon to pretty much everyone.


2009-03-16 17:33

The factory where we produce the Sson 003 is located close to the Vietnamease border a three hour drive from Saigon. Its not a huge plant by comparisment but professionally runned by a Taiwanease company. To work at the factory you need to be 18 years of age but I would guess that one or two got their id from an older brother or sis. It was clean and they seamed to know what they where doing most of the time. In the meetingroom were the lunch was served there was a picture of the old king of Cambodja, like he was running the show. Well, maybe he is...

Good morning Vietnam

2009-03-16 16:54

The Sson bicycles are produced in Cambodia but we choose to stay in Saigon when visiting. Saigon is a totally cool city, lots of scooters, noodlesoup and fake Lacosteshirts. Lots of friendly people and historical places to visit if you are not running around looking at frames, wheels or teaching people to adjust bottombrackets in a warehouse far far away from civilasation (but still with an internetconnection). This is the first view of the production 003s and then some. The green frame is a special edition that you won't be able to buy from us. The only way to get one is to get in contact with the city of Umeå who bought them all.

In the loop

2009-03-12 10:53

Today I we got the pictures and confirmation of the new 003 bicycles that are soon being built in Cambodia. Like we showed you in a previous post we are going crazy and adding a real colour to our line of 003's. Its red, isn't it? We will make it in white (1speed) and black (3speed) as well. Delivery of black and white bicycles are in the end of April but need to wait til June for the reds.


2008-12-19 18:01

Suddenly our friends at Cali turned five and celebration was all around us. They wanted to do something special and we had talked about doin a colabbo for a long long time. This was the perfect time and since there are few bicycles that are equipped for the Stockholm January weather we decided make one. The ultimate urban winter machine. Superknobby tires, protective fenders, Knog lights, extratraction pedals and some matching grips in Calibrown. The numberplate is for windprotection only.

Edition of three, SOLD OUT.

The 2009 bicycles

2008-12-14 21:55

The 2009 version of the 003 will arrive in late April. It will be white but it will also be available in red. For the people with some extra bucks layin around the choice for black will present itself. The black bike comes with a threespeed Shimano Nexus rear hub and a twistergrip on the right side of the handlebar. New stickerkit are on the way for all bikes and you will not know which one you get until you open the box. As for the 2008 -all 003 bikes are sold out. Bare with us.

Lots of bicycles

2008-07-04 11:05

Hey, we got bikes! Finally.
This year they were a bit late, we know. But the box turned out good and the production seams to be going well over in Cambodia. Thank you Momo. We should have produced more bikes though... Mental note for next year.

The second generation

2007-06-18 23:22

 The colour white isn't really a colour, it's merely a canvas and a chance for everybody with an sense of style and shape to kit out his/her own Sson. The goal is to have the world littered with personilized 003's.

First year we presented Kropp, French and Ssons own dingbats to the sticker hungry bicycle buyers.

This second year it is Jonas&Jesper, Serif and Yonderland that has made us a kit each. And French again of course.

Everybody loves stickers

2006-05-21 00:36

The set of stickers that we have made for the soon arriving bikes are designed by French, Kropp and myself (Tobias). The idea was to make a kit that we would actually use ourselves if given the chance to kit up a 003. Not just a funky giveaway. French sticked to the genre of music and lyrics. Pretty much all the good songs from the last 25years are represented in some way.

Kropp took some of his previous work and made a mashup in black and red. Not much to say really more then that he is a truly talented artist and fun guy to hang out with.

The Dingbats is obviously made by Sson and in this case by myself (the CD was busy). In my opinion they look good, adds purpose and tells a story.

The look

2005-12-18 16:53

We going for the cruiser/bmx/mtb look. The one look without to much artwork and maybe even some room for the owner to put the final touch there with his own hands and mind. We are not shure, but this could be the look of a modern classic.

Our take on transportation in the internet age

2005-10-11 14:08

As we already told you this in the 001area but lets go through it again...

This bike, like a lot of things in life, came about as a reaction more then an action. We love bikes and have alot of them in our house but we still couldn't find an inexpensive, decent looking twowheeler with enough quality not to mess with your everyday communications. Why not build a bike that you actually understand how it works just by looking at it? Something that you will be able to fix yourself if something goes kakkapelle. 

If you have, like us, been riding BMXbicycles back in the days when kids were taking aliens on allnight biketrips, then perhaps you will like it 4 real.