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In the end of 2008 we decided to create a fixedgear bike in addition to the existing SSON line of bikes. A collaboration with Erik and Erik was initiated and now, finally, in the spring of 2010 the SSON 028 is ready for streets and track. What we offer is a simple yet functional bike with a classic elegant look, a steel track frame complete with durable parts delievered in a custom crate that will take you around the world and back. The bike was ready for shipping in April 2010.

We can now only offer a framekit for €550.- including BB, headset and fork.

Read more and follow the process:


The Box

2011-02-10 01:34

So it's a long time since we finished up this project now, if there is such a thing as a beginning and an end of anything. If I never said it before I must state this here: Erik & Erik made this project happen and it has been a pleasure from Sson to be a part of this process. This video of the building of the box says it all, really. Peace, love.

E&E + SSON 028 travel case from Erik&Erik on Vimeo.

Thank you for directing, Oscar Wrangö.

Last 2010 delivery of 028

2010-08-13 10:11

So we built the final 028 bicyles this week. It was a bit sad but after a hectic spring this is the last five bikes to be sent out from our Hammarby bikeplant. 3x56cm and 2x54cm to Crab Cycles at Zürichstrasse 46 in Lucern. Daniel also ordered some of the 010 bag in black and blue and was also promised to be our exclusive Sson sergeant in the Swiss region. His shop looks great and the selection in super. We have some framesets left in 54cm though if you like to kit the bike up without our help. See you in 2011...

Clip by yet another Erik

2010-05-21 10:54

This time it's our friend Erik Hedin who decided to contribute to our project with a short movieclip. He claims to be an amateaur with this moving images thing but we think not. Looking forward to Erik going pro sometime soon...


2010-04-12 21:45

We had an intense weekend in Hammarby, mounting tires, headsets and building boxes. The bike looks great and have now been shipped to: Cykelcity, Sportson (Katarina Bangata), Fridhems Cykel, Cycling, Childstore, Stale (Umeå), Pede+Stoffer (Copenhagen), Grandpa, Cali.


2010-03-07 22:18

Since nature has been extremely generous with the amount of snow this winter, we decided to give the 028 a shot at the rollers.


2010-03-01 21:34

SIZE 54 57 59
A -SEAT TUBE 54 56,5 59
B -TOP TUBE 54 55 57
C -HEAD TUBE 10,5 13,3 14,9
D -SEAT ANGLE 74,5° 74° 74°
E -HEAD ANGLE 73,5 74° 75°
F -FORK RAKE 3,5 3,5 3,5
G -BB DROP 6 6 6

Rear Spacing: 120mm

Seatpost: 27,2mm

Bottombracket: 68mm English


2010-01-28 10:00

The travel testing is now completed, and we´re back in Stockholm. The crate proved to be easy to handle and protected the bike well - and we really appreciate the slightly beat-up patina that it developed from the traveling experience.




2010-01-24 09:53

After the velodrome we switched back to a slightly lighter gear ratio and then took the bike straight to the streets. In both environments the bike performed beautifully.


LA Velodrome

2010-01-22 09:51

The 028 finally got to ride the Home Depot Center Velodrome in Los Angeles. For track riding we fitted the bike with  drop bars and a smaller cog and the rides proved to be much to our satisfaction.



2010-01-19 09:48

Our first chance to test the crate is a journey from Stockholm to Los Angeles. Apart from seeing how the crate handles being thrown and beaten by airplane company personnel, we have test rides planned for both street and track.


Prototype 3

2009-12-22 20:41

Finally a prototype made out of yellow twin wall plastic was made. The box is now ready for some real world durability tests.


2009-12-19 20:37

The 57 sample frame arrived looking really nice, upgraded welding and a much better brake bridge than on the previous prototype. Decals underneath the final clearcoat also added to the overall impression.

Prototype 2

2009-12-16 20:27

Toghether with Ranhammar box manufacturing company we have created a blueprint and yet another cardboard prototype of the box. Some minor adjustments has to be made and then we can make one in the real material.


Giant AD

2009-09-16 12:48

18th of September the 028 will be presented at Luma Show. We´re creating a 3d life-size version of the advert to display the bike.


As simple as one.

2009-09-16 09:23

We´re working on the ads for 028.


Photoshoot in Hammarby

2009-09-15 12:45

With Patrik behind the lens we finally got SSON 028 captured for the upcoming catalog and pre-order advertisements.



2009-09-12 12:44

For the decals, we wanted to stay with the subtle feel that the rest of the bike communicates and the result came out as small decals on different places on the frame. We´re also leaving plenty of empty space for coming sticker-kits.


Almost there

2009-08-13 12:54

We now have all the parts except for headset and cranks, which should be arriving soon to complete the prototype for testing.



2009-06-10 10:22

Choosing hoops might just be the toughest part of putting a deceant looking bicycle together. The possible combination of rim, spokes and hub that comes to mind are more then a few. We´ve settled for a set of black rims with silver hubs and spokes, laced 3x in the rear and radially in the front.



2009-04-25 12:23

First prototype of the crate is ready for testing.


Cardboard cutting edge

2009-04-24 15:32

After some days with pen and pencil we got down to business and started cutting. We used up a good three or four cardboardboxes in the process. The final product will be in a totally different material that we in english call channel plastic. We are heading in the direction of having two boxes that slides into oneanother. That way we can fit the bicycle when extended and compress it to fairly oversized backpack when riding.


The carry on

2009-04-24 14:09 when trying to figure out how many pairs of socks you will need for that weekend trip to Berlin. Or if you need to bring a raincoat when you visit Barcelona in October. Really tough questions and not necessarily the ones we are trying to solve with this project. What we are aiming to do is to make life more simple for people travelling with bikes, and in this specific case, the Sson 028.

Packing the bicycle safe and tight and making the box useful when arriving at your final destination are the two main objects. It has to be lightweight, functional and goodlooking.



2009-03-14 20:34

The moment we´ve been looking forward to! Riding for real and not just talking, thinking or planning. Experiencing what the bike feels like in action, on the street.


The frame is here

2009-03-10 11:01

Our first sample of the frame has arrived, finally. We´re very pleased with the overall feel of it and we are now looking into adjustment of some of the details and trying on some various components.


Crate inspiration

2009-01-19 12:00

We´re looking at transportation, freight sollutions and clever DIY builds. Ideas that have spawned from necissity in real life situation usually come out pretty simple and functional.



2009-01-18 13:45

Since the bike will arrive in a box anyhow, we wanted to use this opportunity and extend the use and function of the packaging. We have been looking at various transportation cases and how to combine their construction with the normal design of the crate that bikes come in. The scenario we played around with was a short trip to a remote, big city, traveling there with the bike. Ideally, arriving at the airport, putting the bike together and riding off to the city center.


Blueprint no. 1

2008-11-10 21:48

We got the first blueprints back from Taiwan. A few minor adjustments where made to fit the production and now we are waiting for the first prototype of the frame.

Aero bridge

2008-10-14 17:21

Right now we are working on a custom brake bridge where the hole is incorporated in the design. The goal is a drilled bridge that will look good even if no brake is mounted. We are working on a bridge with a series of holes where the center hole is the largest and also functions as a mounting hole.


Rough sketch

2008-10-05 11:50

Measurements are in the works.


Bits and bolts

2008-10-04 19:45

Cranks, Handlebars, Pedals, Clips, Straps, Nuts, Wheels, Rims, Hubs, Chain, Seatpost, Seat, Cog, Lockring, Stem, Grips, Headset and Bottom Bracket.  Right now we´re trying out different combinations to see how they match. The part specification need to be completed and sent.


The geometry of life

2008-09-23 13:42

Geometry is an important aspect of the feel of a bike. Probably the most important one. We want an aggressive yet comfortable frame that gives you the quick response of a trackframe but isn't too nervous for city streets. We have been looking at classic track and road frames, trying to find the perfect measurements for our purpose.