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When making the choice of using a bicycle as you preffered transportation you end up with a set of issues that you need to address one way or the other. One is those issues relates to the need of bringing stuff along with you when riding to work, school or when you’re just riding for fun. Alot of people would suggest a rear rack and we¬†can understand their point if you are willing to leave all the aestetic values at home. Some prefer the good old frontbasket and that choice is both a bit easier on the eye and a very practial solution at the same time. In our opinion…

The Sson 010 is a bag. It might look like a regular messenger bag but we think of it more as the flyfishers choice of bicyclebag. It’s made in collaboration with our friend Anton who successfully designs and sells his Sandqvist bags all over Europe and soon all over the world we assume. He knows bags, we know bicycles. Liedman knew flyfishing.


They are here!

2010-03-12 18:48

Finally we have the pleasure to introduce our first bag. There is not much process to show here, unfortunately, but the short story goes something like this: Anton at Sandqvist did most of the work and he ended up with a greatlooking bag in heavy canvas and some really thick leather. There was supposed to be a Ssonpatch at the front but the people in the factory had other plans. Who cares, it's a nice bag and we believe you will enjoy it. Buy it here or here or at your closest Sandqvistdealer.