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This is a minibike for the new and the brave. For the people who know and for the ones who wish they did. Big i beautiful but small is… smaller. This bike will see it’s day, count on it.
Pack it up, pack in -let us begin!


The new world solution

2008-11-19 14:55

One day we decided to make a minibike. A mini bike for the new millenium. A minibike for the sons and daughters of Woodstock and Trästock and all the stocks risin and fallin in the 70's. Back then the minibike was the solution to the problems the world were facing with oil and gasprices. 2009 we are looking at slightly different obsticles but at the same time quite familiar. We need to scale down a little. Right? We need think smaller, cuter and lighter. We need to ride more and drive less. Think that and then follow us!

The process started with this scetch and a phonecall to Mark, an individual with a midas bmx touch combined with the retarded humor of a brittish lad in exile. We had a chat about the weather and then we got our first drawing. At least it's start.