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The 019 cap sold out pretty fast. It was a desertcap in the warmest material possible and we felt that we were on to something really good. 027 is a more traditional looking streetwear cap, “hoodrat”-style. Jason at Official made this first set of samples and things are starting to shape up. It will be colabo of some sort, Official caps are nicely shaped and well crafted. When they will be available we just don’t know yet. Hopefully in 2010, probably 2011. Or later…


Cerca Trova

2008-08-18 15:06

The inside is everything and everything counts in large amounts.


2008-04-22 15:24

Official is a capmaker based on the westcoast. Somewhere outside (inside?) San Fransisco. The man running the ship is called jason and he used to run the magazine Vapors back in the day. Hell, he even started it! Now he makes hats and stuff. I hooked up with him through Tyler at Heavyweight Gallery. Now we are making some hats together, or atleast we are trying. Check the Official homepage out.