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As simple as A B C. Or maybe we shold say  -As simple as 003. Pretty much the same bike as the 003 but with a lady in mind. Slightly smaller, 17″ instead of 18″ in height and a bit shorter as well. We won’t harass boys who get one either, especially if they are on the short side. A guy on a 022 would actually bring back that modern cosmopolian idea of metrosexuals that was so popular in the nineties. Or is it still? Anyway,  a good retrosexual bike, decent price, cleen look. Cheers to that.


One time we made it blue

2008-02-04 11:06

But it never made it into production. It's not that we don't enjoy colours but white and sometimes black is just what we always end up with. So far... But it looks pretty good in blue too. The 022 is basicly a 003 but we gave it a unik id since women still act and feel a bit different than men.