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Bigger wheels means faster bike and these wheels are as big as they come. We call it the BMX commuter bike, because that’s what it is! As the older sibling of 003 it’s also a bit more sophisticated and mature, but not by much. And did you know that the energy cost to make a frame in steel is about 1/5th of making an aluminum one?

In short: Riding steel bikes is sophisticated, and good for both body and planet!


The final piece of sneaker steel

2009-07-08 11:36

The result. It will be produced in 10 pieces only and sold through the best of the Jim Rickey shops in Europe and Asia. We might make a few more but we won't tell anyone. Only for good looking people with good looking shoes.

Sson x Jim Rickey

2009-07-01 12:57

I met Patrik in the Jim Rickey booth last year at the Vision show in Copenhagen. We split 3 bottles of Cava that he had come about the evening before under suspisious circumstances (according to Hannes). I love Cava and we decided that a Sson vs. Jim Rickey biycles was a great idea. We dicided to base it around the 016 platform but thats was about as much we got done that day. It was a great day and the result is pretty ok. Think of it as the biggest possible BMX that you have seen and one that will get you to the afterparty in no time at all. After the afterparty it's the after afterparty somewhere, hosted by  Jim Rickey.

Jim Rickey is our friend

2009-05-14 18:12

We are working on a new colab with the shoemaker Jim Rickey. Sounds far fetched? Well, it is. Tell you more soon though. This is probably what it will look like and we think it's pretty wild ourselves...

This is a BMXcommuter

2007-09-18 19:06

The idea is to create a really fast bicycle. Maybe not as comfortable as 003, but faster. Its a BMX at heart but a racer in the mind.

So the trick is to use big tires and bigger than 29" can not be found (if you want to stick to the stock products). The rims are 700cc and with a pair of Schwalbe Big Apple it adds up to 29 full inches. The frame is made of Cromo this time, not the exspensive version of Cromoly (Raynolds, True temper), but a little cheaper version. The price will be higher then the 003 but under €500 we hope. We are trying to make an edition in Japanese Sanko Cromo as well but that will be more pricy.

The 016 is built in Germany this time by the Göring brothers. Do not know their relationship to the yes-you-know-who but we are crossing our fingers.