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In a red cabin about an hour north of Stockholm lives Agneta. She makes Sson015 for us, and this we promise you, this is the best soap you will ever try. Agneta makes it in her kitchen from a secret mix of five vegetable oils, rye and shea butter. 

The scent is our own: White soap smells of jasmin and the black one has a discrete aroma of the smoothest of musks.


The how

2009-02-18 18:07

Soap (as far as I have seen) is made by whisking lye (caustic soda) and oil together in a big stainless steel bucket. That will be the start of a soapprocess in which the lye disappear and glycerin is formed. I have asked Agneta tell me about the process and I have watched it all happen right before my eyes but to get it right you need the correct volumes, precise timing and a bit of luck. She can make soap in here kitchen and so can you. There are numeros internet sites that will tell you the tricks but if everything else fails there will still be Sson 015 and the rest of Agnetas soaps at here shoppingsite tvalmakaren.

Contents: Sodium- cocoate, olivate, palmate, canolate, castorate, sheabutterate. Perfume. Titaniumdioxide (white soap), Black iron oxide (black soap).

Cause my soap is better then yours (I can teach you but I have to charge)

2009-02-14 22:00

I remember making soap in chemistryclass way back but didn't think much about it after. But since I wash my hands pretty often, bicycles is a dirty business, my hands tends to turn dry and ugly. Some time ago I watched a documentary about making soap the natural way and I got on the google right away.  

This soap is handmade by Agneta who lives in a cottage right outside Norrtälje. She is one of the few in Sweden who really knows how this soapthing works and she told me all about the crap cosmetics companies pack their expensive soap with. She also told me that they take most of the good fat away from the soap to use in more expensive lubricants. Thats lame. Glycerin for example, one of the keys to keeping your hands smooth. Anyway, this soap is Ssons contribution in the health debate. 

The black one smells hidden musk and the white one of clear jasmine.