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Be the first one in the office to match your tie and cap (Sson019). This is not your average summer weddings tie. It’s all about the fabric, once again courtesy of Scotland’s finest: Harris Tweed.


Grow up will you

2007-09-19 22:41

No, not for long. But I can start wearing a tie if that'll make you more comfortable. 

Not that we mixes up adulthood with the willingness to wear the good old neckstrap but sometimes we do feel better dressed wearing one. At least if they are made from scottish wool and sporting a straight cut. The purist might frown on this feature but we don't really believe we have too many of you purist still reading either...

This was the first prototype and maaaan it's difficult producing ties. For the production we turned to a couple of turkish brothers in Solna who did a great job.

Harris Tweed

2007-01-07 11:23

The islands slightly north of the Scottish mainland are called the Hebrides and consist of a bunch of different islands. They are devided into the outer and inner islands and the population of the outer islands are roughly 30000 people and a lots and lots of sheep. This is where Harris Tweed was born some 400 years ago and this is the place of the finest tweed created on this planet. 

This is a rough walkthrough of the process of making tweed, please fill us in if we are leaving out something essential:

1.Sheep got wool
2.Man cut sheep wool and spinn it
3.Spinned wool becomes yarn and get washed and dyed
4.Old people make woolcloth in their home on really old looms
5.Cloth is moved to Harris factory, cleaned and qualitychecked
6.Wool is sold to brands that makes horrible looking blazers and some occational goodlooking hat (except Sson that makes awsome pants that doesn't itch much at all.)
To get the complete picture, please visit their homepage.
Here is some pics from Harris and of the different clothes that we finally choose from the hundred of variants that were presenteted to us.