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Honestly, this fabric kills! Harris Tweed is the only maker of hand woven tweed in the world. The wool is dyed and spun in the homes of the citizens of Lewis, Harris, Ulst and Barra in the Outer Hebrides. 

This fabric and technique have been around for about 400 years and these pants probably will too. The front pocket is lined with a radiation proof fabric for the love of your vital organs. And no, you won’t get cold in a pair of Sson002 either.

Edition of 133 SOLD OUT.


The quote

2007-02-23 20:12

One of the men (Rea) working at Harris Tweed said the following to us when we asked about how rugged and durable the fabric actually is:

-You will probably wear your leg out before the fabric goes!

The box

2007-02-10 17:03

Since we are serious packagesuckers here at Sson we decided to go for a serious packaging solution for the 002. Cardboard is the No.1 Sson choice but also the choice for a lot of ladies shoemakers in the 50's.

It's a pretty expensive pant so we also decided to throw a book into the deal. The author is Isak Sundström and the great shortstorycollection is called "Till slut fick jag ont i mina ögon" ("In the end, I had pain in my eyes"). It's published by our friends at Ink (www.inkbokfö You can purchase it on their website if you do not want to buy a couple of 002 to get it. Also, Isak knows punkrock and plays it successfully with his friends in the band Pascal.

The fit

2007-02-10 14:50

Ok, so we made a pattern, then we made another pattern and then a third. Finally we have settled for a straight pant. A bit to narrow for some but for most people its just a basic looking pant in the most un-basic material in the business. The itchyness have been taken care of by lining it all the way below the knee all around the leg. We live in one of the coldest countries in the world and we somehow feel that this should reflect in our design. The pant was produced in Estonia by a factory that used to make pant for the finnish military. We think they will hold up pretty good...

The patch and size

2007-01-20 16:05

We decided to make a screenprinted patch on the right hip instead of some leathershit. Again we turned to the dingbat design that we are nurturing in the Sson process.

The cardboard hangtags tell you about important things such as size and tweedcloth. 002 comes in XS, S, M, ML, L, XL. About the same as 28, 30, 32, 32/34, 36 in a boring pair of jeans.

Many many styles

2007-01-14 11:00

We hade to choose but it wasn't easy. In the end we settled for nine different cloths.

Harris Tweed

2007-01-07 11:23

The islands slightly north of the Scottish mainland are called the Hebrides and consist of a bunch of different islands. They are devided into the outer and inner islands and the population of the outer islands are roughly 30000 people and a lots and lots of sheep. This is where Harris Tweed was born some 400 years ago and this is the place of the finest tweed created on this planet. 

This is a rough walkthrough of the process of making tweed, please fill us in if we are leaving out something essential:

1.Sheep got wool
2.Man cut sheep wool and spinn it
3.Spinned wool becomes yarn and get washed and dyed
4.Old people make woolcloth in their home on really old looms
5.Cloth is moved to Harris factory, cleaned and qualitychecked
6.Wool is sold to brands that makes horrible looking blazers and some occational goodlooking hat (except Sson that makes awsome pants that doesn't itch much at all.)
To get the complete picture, please visit their homepage.
Here is some pics from Harris and of the different clothes that we finally choose from the hundred of variants that were presenteted to us.

Can we say no to denim

2007-01-06 10:23

Yes, we think so. Is there such a word as Jeansfatigue? Well this pant grew from a healthy, we think, amount of jeanssickness. To be tired of always wearing denims, anyone? In this case it have grown so bad that we are feeling forced to make a couple of trousers of our own which would take care of this fatigue.

First of all, the material is important. Secondly, we wanted it to be pant for those special occations when you feel like dressing up a little. 

The idea is to create a pant with fabric from the classic woolmaker Harris Tweed. Appearently noone makes pants in this kind of tweed anymore. It's known to be itchy...