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The banana seat, the loaf. I have been missing it every single day since the age of ten when I recieved a silver Helkama threespeed with chubby 24 “s. The Sson 001 has 26″x2,4″ tires and built around a rather ordinary cruiserframe but custompainted with industrial strenght white powdercoat. The handlebars, saddle and the rearview mirror was ordered from Taiwan. Unfortunately, I had to buy quite a few so if there is anyone who needs anything let me know… The rearseat stay in stainless steel was made by a guy called Pelle in Årstadal. That one wasn’t for free either. All bicycles are induvidually decorated with Sson dingbats.



The releaseparty at El Mundo

2009-02-18 11:59

At Erstagatan in Stockholm we have aplace called El Mundo. Björn and his wife runs it and they do it well. The restuarant next to it is called Matkultur and is equally fantastic. We choose to have the opening party at El Mundo and about 50 of the most thirsty people we know showed up. It was fun.

New hire in the graphic department

2006-12-10 13:42

We have this black n white printer that we use for printing invoices, project briefs, timereports and stuff like that. Very officelike and truly a sad life for any piece of electronic equipment. One day the printer went bananza, of course, and emptied the papercontainer when noone was looking. The pages were filled with the most amzing, random patterns and graphics. This printer got talent, we thought, and hired it as our CD of graphics. The patterns our new CD suggested were ding bats of some twisted kind and very very random. Both beautiful and random in a very lovely digital way. We have now grown to love and protect the random stuff that surrounds us and believe that its a start of something good. For various reasons...

The first product of Sson

2006-10-15 23:42

The 001 bike is made in an edition of three and two are sold. The last one is still in our office and we will probably keep it there forever, like a museumpiece. Originally we were hoping to be able to make more bikes but the cost and time to build it is just getting to crazy and the quality isn't super either. On the other hand, in the process of doing the 001 an idea an idea of another bikes has started to grow. What is really missing is a simple, cleenlooking, inexpensive bicycle that will hold up for urban abuse better then what is offered at the moment. Something that doesn't have anything to do with retro surf culture or latino lowraiders. Something fresh. I dont't really have much more to say about the 001 so Ill stop right here. Lets move on.

Process is everything!